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Technical Data



These pages have been put together as an aid to anyone who is considering building, or having built, a type 1 VW engine for use on the roads.
The contents of this document have been put together using 12 years of experience on Beetle engines along with books read and people spoken to.



what do you want                                                         2007 vs 2165 Build Comparison

crankcase                                                                     Yanking The Engine                          

Crankshafts and flywheels                                          What Year Is It?

                                                                    Tapping Oil Galleries

Cylinder & piston sets                                                Alternator Wiring Guide

Cylinder heads                                                            Building a Fast and Reliable Engine

Camshafts and the valve train                    Basic Head Porting

The oil system                                                            Adapting Non-VW Wheels

Ignition                                                                         Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor:

Carburetors                                                                Aluminum Wheel Polishing

Exhausts                                                                     Straight Cut Cam Gears

Cooling                                                                        Bolt-On ratio Rockers

Clutches                                                                      Bolt On Sand Seal Pulley

Running for the first time                                            Ceramic Muffler

Useful data                                                                  Choosing the Right Distributor

10 Restoration Tips                                                   Competition Roll Cage

Cranking Up The Volts                                              CSP Torque Bar

Disc Brake Kit Installation Guide                             "The Doors"

Fuel System Boost                                                    Headlight Upgrade

Horn Wiring                                                                 Installing Early one piece window

Front Suspension Adjusters                                     Understanding Your Starter  

VW maintenance                                                      Rocker Shaft Assembly Guide

Volts, Amps and Waterwheels                                Oil Pump & Camshaft Selection

Super Slick Shifter                                                    Porting and Polishing VW Type 1 Heads

Building a Reliable and Powerful Street Engine   How to Make a Street car Launch

Bodywork & Painting                                               How To Build A Carson Top

 Welding / Metal-Finishing                                      Rust Removal using Electrolysis




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